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21st March 2017 - 24th April 2017

The month is full of Earth armour and has a seems to be introducing a new ticket system. The season predictions are marked with the drop item on the bottom right of the amour. There are are few duplicate elements in this times data and in a matter of fact the lion last dual earth armour has the elemental particles of a spirit/earth armour. The Bosses this time are predicted however like usual they are not definite. The tickets are labeled: Morgan (Orange) - 201704, Gwen (Green) - 201705, Artie (Yellow) - 201706, Dark Prince (Red) - 201707, Robyn (Teal) - 201708. To me these seem like 2017-April, 2017-May, 2017-June, 2017-July, 2017-August so we may be expecting events? There are new fusion booster trinkets and earth element pets. The new treasure keys have been separated into two lines as the bottom keys seems like they have the elements inscribed on top of them which may mean that there will be elemental chests in the future. And to finish is a bunch of pet items I found in the files but have no clue what they do...

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